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Students feedbacks

״I participate in Tai Chi classes for many years already. I love Tai Chi and the way Bruce teaches it.״

Leah Kraphelov

״I participate in Tai Chi classes for more than 4 years. I love the classes a lot and always feel that they fill me with me the energy. Wish the classes to be more often than once a week. Bruce is very experienced and knowledgeable teacher, extremely patient as well. Thank you very much Bruce!   ״

Michael Zilberbrand

״I learn Tai Chi with Bruce for several years already and love the classes a lot! Tai Chi is like a dance. I feel very good after each class.   ״

Shimon Drendel

״Great Class! With special attention to each participant from an experienced teacher. Relaxing, rejuvenating, helps with flexibility, strength and balance! Much recommended! ״

Esther Frumkin

״Tai Chi is an amazing practice! It restores the proper energy flow in the body. It is very important who your teacher is and we are very lucky to have Bruce as our teacher! I have a feeling of lightness and health after each class.״

Sarah Libah Lurie

״From the first class, it is easy to see that Bruce is a very high level teacher that knows to build a relationship with each student. I've been learning Tai Chi for 5 months and without speaking either Hebrew or English. Still learned a lot. I learned a very beautiful Tai Chi dance, which feels like physical and spiritual in one. With every passing lesson I realise that it gives me sort of personal protection, internal peace and harmony. ״

Tanya Kirasirov

״Tai Chi class with Bruce is one of my favourites. I always have a feeling of balance, relaxation and happiness at the end of the class. Tai Chi is like a meditation in motion with beautiful and gracious slow movements.  Chi Gong and the stretches are very helpful with different aches and help a lot with relaxation. Bruce is a great teacher that guides and benefits each student on his level.  He also shares very valuable information and tips on a good health maintenance according to Chinese Medicine philosophy. Great Class! Relaxing and boosting with a good new fresh energy. Warm recommendations to join!״

Yulia Erez

״I joined the class two months ago. The atmosphere is very pleasant on the classes.״


״Bruce's Tai Chi class gives a rich and varied experience, which seems beneficial to both the mind and body. The class opens with warm-up exercises that stretch nearly all the muscles in the body and get the blood flowing and the heart pumping. By the end of this, you are ready for the next part of the class, Chi Gong, which are special exercises designed to manage energy in the body and quiet the mind. Over the time that I have been in this class, I believe that these exercises (as well as the Tai Chi itself) have sensitized my body to actually feeling the energy; I often feel that my arms and hands are actually "glowing" with the energy during this part of the class. The next part of the class is devoted to Tai Chi walking, which employs certain movements of the Tai Chi form, that are done in symmetrical and repetitive ways. I find that this part of the class reinforces these movements, helping them become second nature, and also often continues the strong feeling of energy flow, in a sense connecting the Chigong and Tai Chi parts of the class. Finally, we move on to practicing the Tai Chi form. In a typical class we do, at least twice, each chapter of the form, and we learn new movements at the end as well.

As the teacher and leader of the class, Bruce is outstanding. His explanations during the course of the class include specific technical instruction on how to perform the minutiae of the Tai Chi form's movements, helpful pointers for how to improve one's movements, and explanations from his deep knowledge of Chinese medicine that can range from managing one's anger or frustration to dietary recommendations for the different seasons of the year. All of this is with a smile and a deep love for the material and concern for his students.״

Yitzhak Zuriel

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